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[2018-02-24 13:35:01] #Newsid: 15108 | View: 3481

Armored Warfare: Assault available on mobile devices

Mobile games developer Pushkin Games Studio proudly announces that its fast-paced tank combat shooter Armored Warfare: Assault has rolled out worldwide onto Android and iOS devices.  Optimized for mobile platforms, the title places its own frantic twist on the traditional tank shooter genre, emphasizing on explosive front line action and removing the need to wait for another battle. The respawn system ensures that tank treads never cool allowing players to get right back into its frenzied vehicle warfare and engage their enemies head on.

Armored Warfare: Assault brings tank commanders to military hotspots around the globe, rendered in great detail by a powerful Unreal Engine. Collect all cutting-edge armored vehicles, level up the crew and wreak havoc on rivaling players with the latest military technology such as smoke grenades, airstrikes, guided missiles and more. With more than 60 modern warfare vehicles to collect and choose from, commanders can amass a powerful armament and task them with conquering their opponents in 3v3 and 8v8 combat. The front line has never been this frantic. Players will need to use everything in their arsenal to outwit and dominated their opponents in this addictive new addition to the Armored Warfare lineup.

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[2018-02-24 00:35:02] #Newsid: 15107 | View: 8584

Neue Erweiterung für Stellaris erhältlich!

Paradox Interactive veröffentlicht Apocalypse, die Erweiterung für das beliebte Strategiespiel Stellaris. Apocalypse hebt die interstellare Kriegsführung auf ein apokalyptisches Niveau und ist ab sofort für Windows PC, Mac und Linux erhältlich.

Stellaris ist ein Sci-Fi-Strategiespiel für galaktische Eroberer, das es Spielern ermöglicht, ein Sternenimperium ganz nach den eigenen Vorstellungen aufzubauen. Von den ersten Schritten außerhalb des Heimat-Sternensystems, bis zum galaktischen Wettrennen um die Herrschaft im Universum – sei es durch Diplomatie oder Krieg. Seit der Veröffentlichung von Stellaris im Mai 2016, wurden bereits über 1,5 Millionen Exemplare auf dem Planeten Erde verkauft.

Stellaris: Apocalypse definiert, dank neuer offensiver und defensiver Optionen für die Spieler, den Krieg in den Sternen neu. Zusätzliche Lösungswege für die pazifistisch ausgerichteten Imperien der Galaxis eröffnen darüber hinaus noch mehr Möglichkeiten den eigenen Herrschaftsbereich zu sichern und auszubauen, ohne auf plumpe Gewalt zurückzugreifen.

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[2018-02-23 11:35:01] #Newsid: 15106 | View: 14389

FeArea, the new futuristic Action/MOBA, is available on Steam!

MUVGAMES is happy to announce the Early Access of FeArea, a team action with MOBA elements. The action takes place in the original Sci-Fi setting in the distant future. Featuring isolated mysterious planets, various combat machines, giant walking robots and furious battles!

FeArea will take you to the distant future, where human life is the supreme value, so all conflicts are resolved by the means of cybergladiators. High-end technologies of the future allow the creation of digital copies of a human pilot's mind to operate tanks, vehicles, and robots without the least bit of harm to the human. You have three classes of combat vehicles in your hangar, each featuring its unique gameplay. They are equipped with the most powerful weapons, lasers, plasma guns, and rockets. The deadliest weapons are capable of destroying enemy machines AND buildings! Unreal Engine 4 makes sure none of this violates the laws of physics! Act together and combine classes to win! Head to the distant corners of the Universe, fight on dozens of different planets, prove your right to be the champions!

FeArea is available in Early Access on Steam! Join now to participate in cyberbattles of the future! You can also get a unique Early Access on Steam bonus! FeArea is created with the help of modern technology: Unreal Engine 4 and NVIDIA. Travel to the future together with FeArea! Engage in the most spectacular and dynamic combat, dominate war theaters, complete party quests, defend your territory or fight to death in 5v5 teams!

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