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[2018-03-13 11:35:01] #Newsid: 15142 | View: 22385

Stranded Without A Phone’ Receives Update And Debuts On Android

Indie game developer Gilligames is proud to announce a major update to their desert island survival game, Stranded Without A Phone, and is taking the opportunity to launch the game on Android compatible devices, as well. 

Stranded Without A Phone challenges you to use your survival skills to stay healthy and get rescued. To achieve this, you must find food and water, build a shelter from the elements and collect salvageable parts from the wreckage that wash ashore. With skills and experience you can use parts to build a space phone to call for aid to get saved! You can play as different characters, find and craft several items, and search for natural resources that you will need to create other items using various combinations. 
Says Todd Gillissie, the games developer: “I have been getting e-mails for years asking if there was going to be an Android version, and I’ve always said some day. Well, some day is finally here.”
Stranded Without A Phone was originally released in 2009 for iOS only, and has had incremental improvements over the years. In 2014, a major update was released that made the game free to play, supported by in-app purchases of premium items.  The game is still free to play and is available from here:

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