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[2023-01-13 14:35:01]  #Newsid: 18066 | View: 9265

Critically Acclaimed Farming Game ‘Plantera’ Blossoms With The Announcement Of Its Upcoming Sequel Golden Acorn

The Mellows Are Coming Back For More!
Plantera is an adorable harvesting game for players of all ages and experience levels. It offers many upgrades, fun gameplay, and a garden to watch. Players are challenged to create and maintain their virtual garden by adding new plants, bushes, trees, and animals. As the garden grows and expands, cute blue creatures called helpers will be attracted to the environment and will help keep the garden tidy and lovely. You can do the work yourself or let your helpers do the chores as you sit back and relax. They even work on the garden when you are not actively playing - and if you are lucky - surprises might be available to collect upon your return. But watch out for the evil critters trying to infest the garden, but luckily you can upgrade with a guard dog to run them off! As the game progresses, additional plants, bushes, trees, and animals unlock.

Plantera is available via STEAM
In the upcoming Plantera 2: Golden Acorn, the round blue Mellows return to tend to the Garden once more and grow the big magical oak tree that has been rumored to have placed its seed there. Players are challenged to tend to the oak tree and grow it to the sky to harvest its Golden Acorns. Among other fun things, you can adorn your garden with decorations and watch as the garden grows lusher than ever with new plants, bushes, and trees and gets populated by new animals, both in the sea, on the ground, and in the sky. And If you want, you can pluck trees and harvest plants yourself or let your Mellows do the work for you while you watch, build, and invest in new plants. The Mellows will even continue to work and tend to the garden while you are not playing the game. As you play, you will unlock new items, and as you continue to expand and improve your garden, your magic oak tree will grow ever more prominent with it, soon reaching its crown to the sky and beyond.

Plantera 2: Golden Acorn is available soon via STEAM
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